I had less than 48 hours at home, and then I got back on a flight and headed this way.
Yesterday we checked in to our hotel, the Hilton Palmer House... (that's my grandma being elitist again.)Then Mikayla and I went up to the Mag. Mile, I actually bought a dress weird, I know. But it's a school uniform so it's not that weird for me. I used to wear a uniform to school everyday in middle school. (I go to public school) So its more non-conformity by conformity than it is just me liking to wear skirts and blouses. I also got knee socks, just because no school uniform is complete without knee socks.

After that we ate dinner here in the hotel... And headed off to "The Second City" It's a comedy routine/improv show. I laughed my ass off, and was really uncomfortable sitting there watching it with my grandma, especially about the time they started explaining the mechanics of a strap on. *SHUDDER* Then we went to starbucks *puke* and came back here.
twas a good day.
<3 always.