DAY 2:
I went to American University... Fell in love, I totally want to go there, but I don't think I can afford it. :( Even though it would rock my world hardcore.
I stayed there from 9 in the morning and left at 4 in the afternoon.
After that I came back to the hotel and slept.
Then went to dinner with my grandma's friends... It was fun, I hate being shown off... like some exibit though. Its like she wants everyone to know how successful I may or may not become. Like it makes her look good or something.
Then my wisdom teeth started to hurt, and grandma freaked out about me going to CVS to get some ibuprofen and orajel. Then I slept.

DAY 3:
today I woke up waaaayyyaayyy too early. And grandma made me go eat breakfast with her collegues. Blah. Then I started to head back to the room to hang out until lunch when I was meeting my friend luke, but as I passed the door I decided to hail a cab and go shoot photography on the mall. I had a great time. I'll post those pics later. Then I went to meet Luke for lunch, which was nice, I haven't seen him since April at pride prom in omaha. Then, I had a tour of the capital building with an intern for Senator Hagel, Totally rad. like woah. Stopped in the smithsonian. Rad. took a picture of a koala. (whoreface!) And a few others. Came back to the hotel, went swimming, ate dinner, got on a bus tour of all the monuments it was pretty cool. I got some sweet pics of the capital building and the vietnam wall. Then Grandma and I went down to the bar, she had icecream and brandy and I had sprite. Twas nice. and Now here we are.
:D Have a wonderful day loves.